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Haj is one of the five tenets of Islam. It's every muslim's desire to perform Haj at least once in his life time. Performing Haj is obligatory to every sane, financially able and adult muslim.

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(Constituted under the Act of Parliament No.35 of 2002)


1.         The Haj Committee of India is pleased to announce the Programme for Haj 1429 (H) – 2008. The Haj Quota for the Pilgrims going through the Haj Committee of India has been fixed as 1,10,000 by the Government.

2.         Haj Application Forms prescribed for Haj 1429 (H) – 2008 and the Guidelines for Haj 1429 (H) – 2008 are available with all the State Haj Committees with effect from 1st May, 2008. The same may be collected from the State Haj Committees, free of cost. However, no person can take more than six Haj Application Forms. If any individual or organization is found charging money for the same, this may immediately be reported to Chief Executive Officer, Haj Committee of India, Mumbai.

  • Haj Application Forms and Guidelines for Haj 1429 (H) – 2008 are also available on the website of Haj Committee of India www.hajcommittee.com. The Pilgrims are advised to download the same and submit the application form duly completed in all respect alongwith the PAY-IN-SLIP of the payment of Rs.10,700/- towards the advance Foreign Exchange & Miscellaneous Dues through core banking system in the Haj Committee’s Current Bank A/c. No.30361856116 maintained with the STATE BANK OF INDIA in the respective State Haj Committee on or before 31st May, 2008.  

4.         The Haj Application Form should be filled in strictly in accordance with the instructions on the cover page of the Haj Application Form and the Guidelines formulated for Haj 1429 (H) - 2008.  Pilgrims, in their own interest, are requested to fill the Application Form by self.  He/she should thoroughly go through the Guidelines before filling Haj Application Form. Haj Application Form complete in all respect must reach the Executive Officer / Secretary of the concerned State / Union Territory Haj Committee on or before 31st May, 2008.

5.         All the intending Pilgrims are informed that Haj Committee of India, Mumbai has no administrative relations with any person or organization to conduct the Haj affairs, except the duly constituted State Haj Committees.


7.         Those Shia Pilgrims who want to opt JOHFA as Meeqat should mark the same in the Haj Application Form for which they are required to pay additional amount of SAR.100/-.

8.          Each Application Form is required to be accompanied by the PAY-IN-SLIP of the payment of Rs.10,700/- towards the advance Foreign Exchange & Miscellaneous Dues through core banking system in the Haj Committee’s Current Bank A/c. No.30361856116 maintained with the STATE BANK OF INDIA. Pilgrims must READ CAREFULLY all the relevant clause(s) and information given in the Haj Application Form and the Guidelines since the method is being used for the first time. The utilization of the amount is as under :-

            a)         Advance Foreign Exchange                                    Rs.10,000/-
            b)         Miscellaneous Dues :

                  (i)        State Haj Committee’s Handling Charges     Rs......100/-
                  (ii)        Supporting Arrangements                             Rs......200/-
                  (iii)       Donation for Haj Houses                               Rs......150/-       
                  (iv)       Registration Fee                                            Rs......250/-
                                                                                                 Total= Rs.10,700/-

9.               Important conditions for filling up the Application Form for Haj.

  • Those who abide by the rules and guidelines of Haj Committee of India.

Those who want to go for Haj will have to give Undertaking that standard size of bag prescribed by Air India will be used. Those who don’t give undertaking, their application will not be considered.

  • Those who are detected at any stage in “Repeater Case”, their money will be forfeited and application rejected.  
    All the columns must be clearly filled up, else application is liable to be cancelled and will not be processed.
  • If it is found that wrong information has been given in the application form, this will be ground for disqualification even after selection has bee confirmed.  If disqualified on this ground after selection, non-refundable deposit paid will be forfeited.  
  • Filling up of the form necessary does not mean selection / acceptance.  Selection will depend upon the availability of seats in the State and qurrah system to be followed, if needed.
10.             OTHER PAYMENTS :

Air Fare / Balance Foreign Exchange :
            The amount of advance air fare and the balance amount of Foreign Exchange shall be paid to Haj Committee of India, Mumbai by or before the due date of 30th August, 2008, failing which the Pilgrim shall lose the confirmed Haj Seats and wait-listed application would be considered against these seats.  If there will be any change in Air fare, the same will be notified separately.  Before pay-in-slip is submitted to Haj Committee of India, it must be ensured that names and cover number, against which this pay-in-slip has been issued should be noted and having counter signature and stamp of State Bank of India for having deposited the amount.

            This year Haj Committee of India is computerizing the whole Pilgrims’ Traffic System including booking of Haj Seat at Embarkation Point. Therefore, it is essential that the Intending Pilgrims must abide to the specified last date in respect of payment of Airfare and balance Foreign Exchange amount failing which, the computer will ignore to show the particulars of the concerned Pilgrim. Resultantly, the seat in the flight would not be confirmed unless the payment of Air Fare and Balance Foreign Exchange are received in the office of Haj Committee of India within the specified dates mentioned above. 


(A)       Makkah Mukarramah :

  • The following accommodation categories have been envisaged at Makkah Mukarramah for Haj 1429 (H) - 2008.




Category – GREEN


Buildings between 0 – 1000 meters from outer periphery of Haram Shareif at a rent of SAR.3,000/- per Pilgrim.





Category – WHITE


Buildings between 1001–1600 meters from outer periphery of Haram Shareif at a rent of SAR.2,200/- per Pilgrim.





Category – AZIZIYA


Buildings located in AZIZIYA Area at a rent of SAR.1,500/- per Pilgrim (including Transportation to & fro Haram Sharief)


  • Regarding accommodation, Pilgrims must note that owing to the ongoing demolition of hundreds of buildings in Shamia area near to Haram Shareif under Makkah Mukarramah Development & Expansion of Haram Shareif Project there is a shortfall of about one lac accommodation units under Category-Green. This meant that down-gradation of some Pilgrims would be inevitable. Due to non-availability of accommodation in the desired category, these Pilgrims shall be provided Accommodation in other categories depending upon availability and balance amount will be refunded to Pilgrims in due course.  
  • However, in case of non-availability of accommodation units in all above mentioned three categories, accommodation can be hired in new category and allotted to the Pilgrims against any of the four categories opted. 
  • Efforts shall be made to accommodate Pilgrims in Makkah Mukarramah only in the buildings which have access to lift on all floors.

(B).      Madinah Munawwarah :

For Madinah Munawwarah there shall be a uniform category of accommodation at the rate of SAR.500/- per Pilgrim.

12.        All instructions contained in the Haj Application Form/Haj Guidelines for Haj 1429 (H) - 2008 are applicable.

13.        Haj Application Forms, complete in all respects, should reach the Executive Officer / Secretary   of   the   concerned   State   Haj   Committee   on   or   before   the   Closing   Date i.e. 31st May, 2008,positively.

14.        Computerized Haj Visa will be endorsed by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi / Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai on the Pilgrim Passes. It is, therefore, necessary that the Intending Pilgrims should attach clear, front pose photographs, taken against white background only, with the Haj Application Form.

15.        Oral Polio Dose Certificate should be attached with application as it is mandatory to obtain Haj Visa.

16.        No Applications shall be entertained after the expiry of last date.

Dated:  ___________________.   Sd/-
For any further enquiry : Chief Executive Officer
Phone :   022-22612989 (6 Lines) Haj Committee of India,
I.V.R.S.: 022-22618862 (4 Lines) 7-A, Haj House,
Fax       :    022-22620920. M.R.A. Marg (Palton Road),
   Mumbai - 400 001