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Haj is one of the five tenets of Islam. It's every muslim's desire to perform Haj at least once in his life time. Performing Haj is obligatory to every sane, financially able and adult muslim.

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What is Outward Haj Journey?

Travel of the pilgrims from India to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is called Outward Haj journey.

What is Inward Haj Journey?

Travel of the pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to India after the Haj Pilgrimage is called Inward Haj journey.

What is Embarkation Point?

Embarkation Point is a place / Airport, where the pilgrims of the respective State / U.Ts. report for the completion of travel formalities and accordingly undertake outbound Haj Charter Flight.

At present, how many Embarkation Points are available in India? Please mention the names of all Embarkation Points with code (if any)?

21.  These are Ahmedabad (AMD), Aurangabad (IXU), Bangalore (BLR), Bhopal (BHO), Calicut (CCJ), Chennai (MAA), Delhi (DEL), Gaya (GAY), Goa (GOI), Guwahati (GUW), Hyderabad (HYD), Indore (IDR), Jaipur (JAI), Kolkata (CCU), Lucknow (LKO), Mangalore (IXE), Mumbai (BOM), Nagpur (NAG), Ranchi (IXR), Srinagar (SXR) & Varanasi (VNS).

Can a Pilgrim choose an Embarkation Point for himself / herself other than the one decided by the Haj Committee?

No, Embarkation Point is decided on the basis of the current residential address mentioned in the Haj Application Form and not on the basis of the address mentioned in the Passport.  The Pilgrims are compulsorily required to travel from their natural zone-wise Embarkation Point. Change of Embarkation Point is not allowed.

I have filled the Haj Application Form from Uttar Pradesh Embarkation Point and because of my service/job I am my residing at Mumbai with my family members. Can I go from Mumbai for Haj?

No, you can’t go from Mumbai. Embarkation Point is decided on the basis of the current residential address given in the Haj Application Form and not on the address mentioned in the passport.  The Pilgrims are compulsorily required to travel from their natural zone-wise embarkation points. All the flights arrangements are made based on the present residential address. Embarkation Point changes result in unused seats and loss.  Hence it is not permitted. 

If the pilgrim wants his/her flight date information, what should he/she do?

Haj Committee of India dispatches Flight Intimation Card to the postal address of the Head of the Cover by post. If the pilgrim does not receive his intimation card then he should do as follows :

  1. Call at the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai.
  2. Call at concerned State Haj Committee.

Visit Haj Committee website www.hajcommittee.com; go to Pilgrims’ Inquiry option and enter cover number.All the details will be displayed.

When will the passport with visa and flight tickets be distributed to the pilgrims?

They are given normally 12-24 hours before the date of pilgrim’s departure.

How much is the Airfare for Haj through Haj Committee of India for Adult, Child & Infant?

This will be communicated once the Government of India decides the Airfare to be collected from each pilgrim.

Infants: -         For infants between 0–2 years age (till 20.11.2013)charges are @ 10% of full airfare (as decided by M/O civil Aviation) and applicable taxes.

Adult & Child: -     The charge for Adult/Child Pilgrim for Hajis the same. The air fare to be charged will be decided by the Governmentof India.

Will the pilgrims traveling in the initial Haj Charter flights go to Madinah Airport or Jeddah Airport?

Pilgrims travelling in the initial flights shall be dis-embarked either at Jeddah or MadinahMunawwarah Airport as per flight schedule designed by the airlines and this information will be given to the pilgrims before the departure.

What is the date of commencement of Outward Haj Charter Flights for Haj-2013?

Haj Charter Outbound Flights (Phase – I) is likely to be commenced from 07.09.2013and will be concluded on 11.10.2013.

When the first and last return flight for Haj-2013 shall arrive in India?

Haj Charter Inbound Flights (Phase – II) is likely to commence from 20.10.13 and will be concluded on20.11.2013..

Should a pilgrim come to receive his passport; If yes, what are thedocuments he should carry?

The pilgrim should carry his pay-in slip and intimation card with him at the time of reporting.

Are all pilgrims in the cover required to be present at the reporting place for booking of flight and collecting passport & boarding passes etc.?

Cover Head or any person duly authorized on his behalf may complete all formalities and collect the travel documents etc.

How long is the stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The duration of stay of the pilgrims may be 30 to 40 days and may vary as per the schedule provided by the airlines and approved by General Authority of Civil Aviation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This includes the dates of travel also.

How many Suitcases/Handbags should be carried on the journey?`

Two Suitcases having (Length + Breadth+ Height) =158 CMnot weighing more than 22 kgs. each and One Handbag of standard size (22” x 16” x 8”) not weighing more than 10 kgs.   

What is the duration of the flight from the Indian Airport to the Jeddah Airport or Madinah Airport?

Normally the duration of flights is as per in Annexure – 1.

Some times due to technical snags/bad weather which are beyond human control, the duration of flights may increase.

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