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Haj is one of the five tenets of Islam. It's every muslim's desire to perform Haj at least once in his life time. Performing Haj is obligatory to every sane, financially able and adult muslim.

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What amount is charged as Processing Fee?

Rs.300/- per Pilgrim.

Is the amount charged as Processing Fee is refundable?

No. Processing Fee is Non-Refundable.

Where can I pay the Processing Fee?

The Processing Fee should be deposited in Haj Committee’s Power Jyoti Account No.32749477270 maintained with State Bank of India through Core Banking System using Pay-in-slip (pink colour) for payment of Rs. 300/- per applicant.

Please  let  me  know  the  Account  Number  for  making payment  of Rs. 300/- towards Processing Fee?

The Account Number is already printed on the pay-in-slip (pink colour) for Haj 1434 (H) – 2013.  However, for information, the  account  number  for the  payment of processing fee is Power Jyoti Account No.32749477270(Account number of the Haj Committee),  maintained   with  the  State Bank of  India, Mumbai Main Branch, Mumbai.

What is Advance Haj amount?

For Haj – 2013, Rs.76,000/- per head has been fixed as Advance Haj amount.

What is the last date for payment of Advance Haj Amount for Haj – 2013?

20th May, 2013.

What is Balance Haj amount?

Haj Committee of India finalises the exchange rate for Indian Rupee in terms of Saudi Riyal through the tender process. The entire amount is calculated on the basis of this rate of exchange after taking into consideration the ACCOMMODATION Category opted by the particular pilgrim. The balance amount after deduction of Rs.76,000/- from this calculated amount is called BalanceHaj amount.

What is the last date for payment of Balance Haj Amount for Haj – 2013?

28thJune , 2013.

What is Transaction ID (Bank Journal No.)?

This column will be filled-up by the branch of State Bank of India, where the Pilgrim will deposit the amount towards Advance / Balance Haj Amount.

Can the photo copy of the pay-in-slip be used to deposit the amount in the State Bank of India?

Yes, there are no restrictions against using the photo copy of the pay-in-slip. It can also be down-loaded from the website of Haj Committee of India  www.hajcommittee.com

What is the purpose of writing the Mobile Number in the pay-in-slip?

In case of wrong entry by the applicant or by the bank official, the applicant can easily be contacted to rectify the error. Important information regardingHaj journey is also given to the Pilgrims through SMS.

What is the last date for making the payment of the Processing Fee?

The last date for accepting Processing Fee towards Application For Haj – 2013 by the Bank has been fixed as
20th March, 2013 by the Haj Committee of India.

Will State Bank of India accept the amount of Processing Fee after Closing Date for submission of Haj Application Form?

No amount will be accepted by the Bank after the closing date.

What is Bank Reference Number?

It is an alphanumeric number allotted to each provisionally selected Cover.  State / Union   Territory Haj   Committee,   in the provisional   selection   letter communicate this number.   The   number   must be quoted compulsorily for depositing Advance / Balance Haj Amount in the bank pay-in-slip meant for the purpose. e.g. if the cover number of the Pilgrims has been registered as APF – 1234 – 2 – 0 or APR – 1234 – 2 – 0, then the Bank Reference Number will be: Year of travel followed by the State Code, followed by the Category (fresh or reserved category, ‘F’ or ‘R’) and lastly the cover number allotted to the Pilgrims by the State / Union Territory Haj Committee. Accordingly, the Reference Number will be marked as: 2012APF1234 or 2012APR1234.

What is the procedure for payment of  Advance Haj Amount (Green Slip)?

All selected Pilgrimsof  Haj  1434  (H)  –  2013   should  pay  Rs. 76,000/-  as   advance  Haj   Amount  and Miscellaneous  Dues  ( Green Slip )   in   the  Haj  Committee  of   India’s  Bank Account   No.   “FEE TYPE – 25”, maintained   with State    Bank   of   India, through Core Banking System available across various branches of  State Bank of India,  having  this facility.  It is to be noted that, no Bank Draft / Cash will be accepted by the Haj Committee of India. The Bank  Reference Number has to be  recorded  in  the  pay-in-slip, before  submitting  the  same  to  the Bank. Transaction ID (Bank Journal No.)  will be entered by the  State  Bank  of India. The   pay-in-slip  (Green colour)  for  advance  /   balance Haj Amount  is Attached  in  the  guidelines  booklet  (last page).  The copy marked for the Haj Committee of India should be forwarded to this office for reference and record. The Pilgrim  copy  has  to  be  retained by the pilgrim, as it will be  required  to   be  submitted  at  the  time  of  completion  of  booking formalities.

What if I fail to makepayment  of  Airfare  &Balance  Haj Amount (Green Slip) within the stipulated time?

The last date for the payment of Airfare and Balance Haj Amount (Green Slip) in Haj Committee of India’s Bank Account No. “FEE TYPE – 25” maintained with State   Bank   of   India is 28th June, 2013. The Pilgrims are requested to strictly follow the dates as mentioned in the Guidelines to avoid any hardship, otherwise the Pilgrim shall lose the confirmed Haj Seat and Wait-listed application will be considered against these seats. The copy marked for the Haj Committee of India should be forwarded to this office for reference and record. The  Pilgrim  copy  has  to  be   retained  by the pilgrim, as  it will be  required  to   be  submitted  at  the  time  of  completion  of  booking formalities.

How can I confirm that the payment made by me towards Advanve / Balance Haj Amount has been credited against my Cover Number?

For the confirmation details please refer to our website: www.hajcommittee.com

Who is to be contacted, in case of any difficulty / doubt?

Please contact the State Bank of India, Mumbai Main Branch for inquiry / doubt on Mobile No. 9930766530.

Will I get Foreign Exchange? How much?

As per the present policy, each Pilgrim is entitled to a cash amount of SAR 2,100 against payment in Indian Rupees. The same will be handed over to the Pilgrim by the designated Bank, before their departure at the Airport. The Pilgrims can procure extra foreign exchange either from the bank or from any authorized foreign exchange dealer on their own.

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